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We have developed a very reliable strategy for day trading options. Over the period of time that I have been tracking the results the success rate of the strategy overall has been 86.4% accurate. That means that with 86.4% of the buy signals given with the strategy, either calls or puts, you would have made money. Now one thing to consider is that this is a strategy where you are scalping profits on moves either going up or down. For the most part you will be holding these positions for under 20 minutes and your profits will be 10-25%. I will list the results of each stock that we track here each day.

Strategy results:

Microsoft(MSFT) 3/3 for calls and 2/4 for puts

SPY 4/4 for calls and 4/4 for puts

QQQ 2/3 for calls and 5/5 for puts

Facebook(FB) 3/6 for calls and 4/4 for puts

Apple(AAPL) 5/5 for calls and 3/3 for puts

AMD 3/4 for calls and 3/3 for puts

BABA 4/4 or calls and 3/3 for puts

BIDU 2/3 for calls and 4/5 for puts

Square(SQ) 3/4 for calls and 4/4 for puts

CAT 4/5 for calls and 3/3 for puts

Best Buy(BBY) 2/3 for calls and 3/3 for puts

GE 3/3 for calls and 3/4 for puts

This strategy is relatively easy and we can train you how to spot these entries so that you can make profits. Options trading is not hard at all. The above results are for December 19th. As you can see, the strategy was very accurate for puts. We can train you how to trade. Options trading is about knowing when to get in and when to get out. Our strategy will help you accomplish that.

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    1. You can open up a cash account. With a cash account you can day trade every day. Let’s say you have $500 in your account, you can trade as many times as you want that day until they add up to $500. Once you reach your balance you can not trade again that day.

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