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easy options trading strategyIn our trading group we use an easy options trading strategy to produce bulletproof results. We have developed this strategy and it is 86.4% accurate over the life of the strategy. That means that with 86.4% of the alerts that the strategy has given you could have made a profit. Now this strategy is effective for day trades only. It will not be effective for long term holds or overnight swing plays. Most of the alerts that the strategy gives will be good for 10-25% profits. Most of these plays will be held for 10-20 minutes maximum. They are quick scalping plays. Scalping means you are just trying to grab some profit off of a given move on the stock.

This easy options trading strategy works on all kinds of markets. It actually works a little bit better on falling markets. With options you can play both sides of the market. You can buy puts if the market is going down and calls if the market is going up. Today the market was declining, so I played puts mostly. And I played calls on small rises in the markets. And then I played puts when the markets started declining again.

How to make a plan:

Our strategy is as easy as it sounds. Most people think that they need to have a big pile of money to trade options or to make good money, but you really don’t. I can give you an example. Ok let’s start here and figure out how to do this on a small amount of money. So, you want to be an options trader. And you only have say $1000 to start with. We can work with that.

There are 252 trading days in a year. My strategy will make you 10-25% a trade. so you make 2 trades your 1st day using $500 for each. You make 15% on each trade. That is $150 profit. Multiple that times 252 and you get $31,500 in a year. Is that enough to replace your income? Maybe not. Your account will grow quickly. Once you get $4000 to trade with and if you make 10% a day times 252 that is over 100k a year.

Easy options trading strategy results

MSFT 1/2 for calls and 3/3 for puts

SPY 4/5 for calls and 3/3 for puts

QQ 4/5 for calls and 4/4 for puts

FB 3/4 for calls and 4/4 for puts

AAPL 5/5 for calls and 3/4 for puts

AMD 4/5 for calls and 2/2 for puts

BABA 3/3 for calls and 5/5 for puts

BIDU 5/5 for calls and 4/4 for puts 5/5 for calls and 2/2 for puts

CAT 3/4 for calls and 6/6 for puts

BBY 2/3 for calls and 1/1 for puts

GE 3/3 for calls and 1/1 for puts


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  1. Since learning this strategy I have had 1 down day in 6 weeks, During those 6 weeks I have averaged well over $3000 for week. This really works!!!

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