1. The trades given in this group are just suggestions. You are trading live stocks and they do not always do what you think they will. Any gain or loss is your responsibility not ours. Suggestions given here are for educational purposes. Trading them is your decision, not ours. Trading involves risk and you can lose money, like your entire account.
2. There are NO REFUNDS. If you join the group you have 24 hours to decide you do not want to stay. After that you will not be given a refund of any kind.
3. If you are here to steal info and use it for your benefit to sell you will be removed no questions asked and you will not be given a refund.
4. Other members are not responsible to find trades for you. If you harass members about trades then you will be removed no questions asked. No exceptions. We teach a strategy, join training and learn it.
5. Like anything else in life, your results will be a direct reflection of the effort that you put in. Study and learn the strategy and you should be able to profit. If you don’t put the time in to learn and follow the strategy then you will not get results either.
6. This group is about training you a relatively easy trading strategy. We are not here to hand you picks, we are here to teach you to trade.
7. This group is owned and operated by swing trading stocks llc and all payments will go through that llc.
8. Your payments are due within 48 hours of receiving the invoices. When joining the group you will be put on auto ill. Your bill will come 30 days from the day you joined and every month on that same date. Failure to pay will have you removed from the group.9. Real time alerts- the alerts are the trades that the admins are taking. You will not get the same entry/exit prices they do. There is lag time between when it is alerted and when you get it. Always check the time of the alert. Do not trade old alerts. Trade alerts are meant to be for your educational purposes. Any gain or loss is your responsibility. These alerts are meant to show you a setup. You take the trade on your own free will.